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The Problems We Solve | Integrated Health | CVPROVIDERS.COM

The Problems We Solve

The Affordable Care Act is driving dramatic changes in the healthcare industry. As a result, healthcare providers are finding themselves at a crossroads. Many providers will go out of businesses, others will merge with hospital systems, and some will take full advantage of the unique opportunity to start or be part of a CarpeVITA P4 Integrated Health Network.

Changing Healthcare System

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, new programs are being implemented to limit the amount of reimbursements a healthcare provider can get for certain types of patients or for certain types of care. These limits will become an increasingly larger part of the healthcare system over the next few years as Obamacare rolls out.

New healthcare models are providing incentives to keep people out of the hospital and to prevent those people who are most likely to experience a health crisis from showing up in an emergency room when it’s too late.

Healthcare Providers and their patients all have new incentives to get and stay healthy and to improve their health status. More importantly, it is critical that health and wellness providers work together to keep a patient or customer on track along a plan of care.

This means that primary physicians and other healthcare providers must work together to focus on each individual and their specific needs to improve and maintain population health.

Where Does This Leave Providers?

The providers who succeed in today’s healthcare space can only do so by:

  • Delivering care management solutions that help patients predict, prevent, personalize and participate in their health.
  • Driving new revenue opportunities and finding a way to benefit from the new incentives for preventative care.
  • Delivering better care that ensures improved population health at a lower cost.
  • Helping to reduce hospitalizations, avoidable ER visits and readmissions.
  • Maximizing their financial return on value-based care.
  • Collaborating with other healthcare providers to provide each patient with an integrated continuum of care.

CarpeVITA is a P4 Integrated Healthcare Provider that drives new revenues, and improves patient outcomes, while lowering the cost of care.

Through collaborative care, care coordination, and patient engagement, CarepVITA is helping healthcare providers succeed.

Learn more about our P4 Integrated Health Networks here.