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Complementary Providers

By participating in a CarpeVITA Integrated Health Network, complementary health providers, such as chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, physical therapists and even fitness clubs, are given the opportunity to participate in the P4 health model that is revolutionizing the healthcare system while receiving unlimited referrals to increase their client-base.Chiropractor Doing Adjustment Each CarpeVITA Integrated Health Network is a patient-centered, physician-based center that allows conventional health care providers and alternative medicine practitioners to work together to support the well-being and the whole client.

Increase Your Client-Base

CarpeVITA Integrated Health Networks offer health care providers a way to receive an increase in their referrals so that they can increase revenues. When members call their CarpeVITA network, they can speak with a certified care coordinator who will consult with them and make suggestions as to the providers in the network that are best suited for their needs. Referrals will come to you only after it has been determined that you are a good fit for their care and they will be anxious to speak with you because they know you are the provider that can best help them.

Provider CollaborationCollaborate With Other Providers

Each CarpeVITA Integrated Health Network is comprised of numerous health care providers that work together to provide the best care for the patient. CarpeVITA’s Circle of Care software allows for full integration and communication between the patient and his or her health care providers, family and caregivers. By collaborating in this way, each provider has access to the same set of data, which means you will give better care with less redundancies and mistakes.

State of the Art Technology

With the advantage of CarpeVITA’s Circle of Care technology, continuous engagement, monitoring and feedback is possible, providing the opportunity for immediate reaction to health needs through real time connection. Patients have full control over their network and they can approve and invite providers within the software that they feel will best work for them.

More Effective Care for Your Clients

CarpeVITA Integrated Health Networks provide patients with a wellness solution that is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory. As a provider in a CarpeVITA network, you are part of a team of providers working together for the patient’s greatest good. This gives our clients a care program that is most effective for them as an individual, leading to improved patient outcomes.

Be a Provider in a CarpeVITA Network!