Become a Provider

Health reform can be your new advantage!

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Start a Network

Are you a physician who is looking to take advantage of reimbursement incentives? Learn how we help physicians transition their practices into new virtual, integrated health systems that allow patients and providers to move away from sick-care by managing their health instead.

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Become a Provider

Whether you are a chiropractor, nutritionist, physical therapist, acupuncturist, massage therapist, fitness center or any other healthcare provider, discover how we can help you collaborate with other providers, increase your client-base and succeed in a post-ACA world.

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CV4P Networks

CarpeVITA enables healthcare physicians and providers to participate in P4 Health and transition to a new integrated collaborative virtual health network model that drives new revenues into their practices and provides a higher level of quality care without incurring a lot more work.

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Your Advantages

From helping your patients enjoy better health to adding a patient support team and multiple streams of revenue to your business, being a CarpeVITA Authorized Provider or starting your own CarpeVITA P4 Integrated Health Network means your advantages are endless.

With the incentives set forth by the Affordable Care Act to reduce readmissions and improve population health, the medical industry is now able to make money by keeping people well instead of just treating them when they are sick. This is huge because it will completely transform healthcare into a system that wants and needs to keep people as healthy as possible.